Live Literature vouchers for online storytelling sessions

For any organisations who might are interested in Live Literature online events/commissions.  I am registered with the Scottish Book Trust and so would be available for online storytelling sessions, workshops, personalised recordings etc

Book Trust Scotland have announced that Live Literature events are now available for organisations who would like to commission new online author/storyteller events while in-person activities are unable to take place.

“Events could take the form of a remote workshop; a podcast or local radio appearance; a short written resource; community engagement through notice boards or food parcel inserts – in short, anything that helps spread the positive impact of reading, writing and words remotely! If you have an event idea and would like to check its suitability, please do get in touch.

These sessions are fully funded. The £175 author fee is paid by Scottish Book Trust, with no contribution asked from organisations. A key aim of this fund is to provide authors with paid work at a time when opportunities have become understandably limited, in line with our statement on author fees and online events. For this reason authors can send in a claim form once sessions have been confirmed, before any events have taken place.

The fund will remain open for applications until 22 May, with events to take place between 9 May and 1 September. You can find out about deadlines, criteria and application details for the new fund on our website.

This fund is limited and we encourage organisations previously awarded Live Literature sessions to use any existing funding to hold remote events before the end of December 2020. If you were in the process of arranging Live Literature sessions before Covid-19, then this is an option you can discuss with your contact at the host organisation.”

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