World Storytelling Cafe – Live Session Now Online

My live session from last Friday (24th April 2020) is now available online at

It was a much more relaxed session than the tricky challenge of recording the story to the audience of… my phone!  A Zoom audience will never be the same as a live audience, but in current circumstances, it’s the next best thing 🙂

Click on the image to go to the session!

Live at World Storytelling Cafe – tomorrow at 6pm!

So excited for this tomorrow evening at 6pm!
After the live event, the video will be available at

“Meeting with Pauline Cordiner
Start time: 2020-04-24 18:00:00

Pauline Cordiner is a storyteller from the fishing and farming traditions of the North East of Scotland who enjoys telling a mix of Scottish tales, myths, legends, folk tales and the occasional home grown tale of her own.

We invite you to join us in a live stories session on Friday, 24 April 2020 at 6pm UK time. Pauline will be sharing some of her wonderful stories and you can all join in and ask questions if you have any”

Live Literature vouchers for online storytelling sessions

For any organisations who might are interested in Live Literature online events/commissions.  I am registered with the Scottish Book Trust and so would be available for online storytelling sessions, workshops, personalised recordings etc

Book Trust Scotland have announced that Live Literature events are now available for organisations who would like to commission new online author/storyteller events while in-person activities are unable to take place.

“Events could take the form of a remote workshop; a podcast or local radio appearance; a short written resource; community engagement through notice boards or food parcel inserts – in short, anything that helps spread the positive impact of reading, writing and words remotely! If you have an event idea and would like to check its suitability, please do get in touch.

These sessions are fully funded. The £175 author fee is paid by Scottish Book Trust, with no contribution asked from organisations. A key aim of this fund is to provide authors with paid work at a time when opportunities have become understandably limited, in line with our statement on author fees and online events. For this reason authors can send in a claim form once sessions have been confirmed, before any events have taken place.

The fund will remain open for applications until 22 May, with events to take place between 9 May and 1 September. You can find out about deadlines, criteria and application details for the new fund on our website.

This fund is limited and we encourage organisations previously awarded Live Literature sessions to use any existing funding to hold remote events before the end of December 2020. If you were in the process of arranging Live Literature sessions before Covid-19, then this is an option you can discuss with your contact at the host organisation.”

Tag Team Tales – Please Share :)

So I have been busy making videos for
– Scots Radio
– World Storytelling Cafe
– Epic Tales (more on that soon!)

but I have been spending most of my creative energy fitting together stories contributed from all over the world in a wee project, Tag Team Tales.  We’ve got a nice collection of stories now for everyone to view, so please like and share the page 😀 x

Hi folks!
Looking to entertain the kids, have a moment or two of calm or give everyone some time out during Lockdown? Tag Team Tales have shared over 44 tales by 22 storytellers and there is so much more to come! Our tellers and stories come from near and far, with most stories are suitable for the kids, with a few just for adults and many stories fit in with school curriculum (so they can learn a bit while you get on with your day!)
Gie us a wee like and share to spread the story magic

World Storytelling Cafe

The wonderful John Row who has had me along to tell stories at Glastonbury in the Kids Field, Cambridge Folk Festival and Strumpshaw Tree Fair recently called to tell me all about this new venture he’s involved in… the World Storytelling Cafe

Physically, the World Storytelling Cafe is being built in Marrakech and is to be a centre of storytelling which will facilitate young apprentice storytellers in the storytelling

world storytelling cafe

traditions of Morocco.  However since the exceptional circumstances caused by Coronavirus and Covid19, modern technology, and the very hard working tech wizards behind the project has taken the World Storytelling Cafe in a different direction and storytellers all over the world have been recording sessions or posting them live on the site.  I am delighted to have been the second to have performed, after a couple of amazing sets from John Row!

These stories are widely available for all to view, then they “pass-the-hat” in time honoured fashion so that those who can afford to have an opportunity to show their appreciation.  100% of monies popped in to the storytellers hat go directly to the storyteller.

So come along and enjoy a few storytelling sessions!  The group of storytellers is growing.  So there is a lot out there to choose from.

Here is the link to my first session – I hope you enjoy it!

pauline cordiner

Pauline x



Scots Radio – Stories For Bairns

The other week I was asked by the wonderful fowks at Scots Radio if I would like to film some stories in Scots for Scots Bairns and their grownups.

Of course I was absolutely delighted to!

The first video has just been posted here – and features my best pal, Fizzy The Fairy.  Look at the beautiful banner they’ve designed too!
Be sure to visit their page and subcribe for mair stories! Scots Radio Logo

Tag Team Tales, Coronavirus and aa’ the rest

Weel folks, it has been a crazy few weeks – as I’m sure you’re all experiencing!
Molly and I (as well as assorted fairies, imps, ravens, vikings and whoever else inhabits the spare room) are set to isolate and what is there to do…?

Well, it turns out there’s a great deal!

A few days ago I voice the thought buzzing round in my head that surely this isn’t 100% inconvenience, but it’s also an opportunity – to share the stories I love to listen to and the stories I love to tell!

So the conclusion was that last night on the 20th March 2020, World Storytelling Day, myself and 9 other storytellers across Scotland, the UK and Europe went live on Facebook and shared stories for anyone out there to watch!  And belive me… as a mum of a 7 year old girl, I know entertainment will be required 😉
Going Live 2020It all went very well – except for a couple of wee technical gremlins (there’s aye one).

If you would like to follow us online, please go to

The videos will of course be shared on as well as
my YouTube Channel

So it’s nae aa bad news!
Keep calm and chronicle on 😉

Pauline xx