Facepainting and Glitter Tattoos

What would a party be without some face painting or glitter tattoos?

Face painting and glitter tattoos are available as part of a party package or as a seperate feature for your fair or event. 

Glitter Tattoos


These are suitable for parties where there are a lot of children and there isn’t enough time for face painting and these are always available on request in advance. I can also attend events to do glitter tattoos alone.

The stencil sticks to the skin, cosmetic glue is painted over the top and cosmetic glitter is added with a brush. The stencil is then removed and tadaa! Pirates, dinosaurs, fairies and all sorts!   I have lots of stencils available and can purchase further sets if you have a particular party theme in mind.

Not suitable for children (or adults!) with broken skin and children under 2 1/2. Glitter tattoos will not be applied to the face. A few people experience a mild allergic reaction to the cosmetic glue which is the same adhesive used in sticking plasters.

Tattoos tend to last for 7 – 10 days and can easily be removed by soaking in water and rubbing with baby lotion.

Face Painting

I use facepaints with the CE mark (Snazaroo) which can be easily removed with soap and water – baby wipes won’t take everything off!

If you book a full party, it is likely that there will not be time for many children to be painted as full faces can take up to 8 minutes each – Glitter tattoos are a suitable alternative if time is limited. However a small cheek or arm design for each child would allow more children to be painted if face painting is preferred.

If you have any particular requests for designs, please let me know in advance and will research and practice the design before your event!

Many face painters will not paint children under the age of 3 – I will, however paint the faces of children between the ages of 2 and 3 at my discretion.

For young children a simple face design or perhaps arm/hand may be a better option – especially if they can not sit still on their own. They still get the thrill of seeing the finished design and proudly showing it off!

Scary Scars


Scary scars are also available for some parties/themes.  These are individually created using Snazaroo (again with the CE mark) scar putty and facepaint.  Particularly good for gory kids and Halloween parties!