Pauline Cordiner – A Scottish Storyteller

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Interested in storytelling or hiring a storyteller?  Then read on!

Born and raised in Aberdeen on the North East coast of Scotland, I discovered storytelling in 2001 when I began volunteering at Archaeolink Prehistory Park, Aberdeenshire.

A couple of years down the line, I joined the Grampian Association of Storytellers (GAS), did my first professional storytelling event and have been enjoying this wonderful world of tales, myths, legends and flights of the imagination ever since.  I am now the Chair of GAS and feature on the Scottish Storytellers’ Directory.

My favourite stories to tell are traditional Scottish tales, folk tales from around the world, stories passed on by my parents and grandparents and some I have written herself. I also enjoy using stories to raise awareness of science, history and the environment

I also sing Scotlands traditional songs, and ballads and am still increasing my repertoire every time I hear someone sing a story I love!

Following my 10 years at Archaolink, I retained a strong love of prehistory and am one of the founder members of the Rhynie Wifies, an all-female Iron Age reenactment group based in Aberdeenshire (although our talents have been called to represent ages from Neolithic to the mid-1600s. Oh, and Fairies too!)

Over the past few years I have told stories at the Glastonbury of Performing Arts, local National Trust properties, Scottish Natural Heritage Nature Reserves, Woodend Barn, Duthie Park, on local radio and BBC Radio 4 and at many other venues.  For a full list of customers, please click here.