Pauline Cordiner – A Scottish Storyteller
Pauline is a storyteller from the fishing and farming traditions of the North East of Scotland and enjoys telling a variety of traditional Scottish tales, fairy tales, folk tales creation myths and the occasional home-grown tale of her own.  Since 2001 she has been involved in many storytelling events and projects which have allowed her to build on her enthusiasm for science, history and the environment. Pauline has been privileged to learn both stories and ballads from Stanley Robertson and also loves to sing traditional Scots songs and bothy ballads.  Pauline loves to tell stories for schools, care homes, special needs groups, festivals, castles, out in the open – just anywhere there is an audience for the stories she loves!  See the “Storytelling” tabs above for more information. 

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Fizzy’s Funtastic Parties
Thistle and Fizzy the Fairies (shown above) have decided to spread a little more fun and are now available for childrens parties and other events – Storytelling, Crafts, Facepainting/Glitter and Games with a themed twist.  Don’t worry though – there are plenty of different themes to choose from that will suit both boys and girls.  Wizards, Horrid Histories such as Celts, Romans, Vikings, Star Wars and Pirates are included in our themes.  And if you have something else you have been thinking of – just ask!  We are always up for a challenge!

Hearth History
Pauline and Karen will come to your school, museum or event to demonstrate how our earliest ancestors lived thousands of years ago.  We cover early man (stone age), the iron age, Celts vs Romans and the Vikings.  Go to the “History” page to see what we can do to bring your history topic to life!

  • Experienced Storyteller
  • Living History
  • Party Organiser
  • Costumed Characters
  • Puppets
  • Face painter/Glitter Tattoo artist
  • member of the Scottish Storytellers Register, Live Literature Scheme and Equity
  • Disclosure/PVG
  • £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance
  • Risk Assessments Available