Tag Team Tales – Please Share :)

So I have been busy making videos for
– Scots Radio
– World Storytelling Cafe
– Epic Tales (more on that soon!)

but I have been spending most of my creative energy fitting together stories contributed from all over the world in a wee project, Tag Team Tales.  We’ve got a nice collection of stories now for everyone to view, so please like and share the page 😀 x

Hi folks!
Looking to entertain the kids, have a moment or two of calm or give everyone some time out during Lockdown? Tag Team Tales have shared over 44 tales by 22 storytellers and there is so much more to come! Our tellers and stories come from near and far, with most stories are suitable for the kids, with a few just for adults and many stories fit in with school curriculum (so they can learn a bit while you get on with your day!)
Gie us a wee like and share to spread the story magic

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