Welcome to Hearth History – living history for schools and museums

Pauline has been involved in Prehistory since 2001 when she started volunteering at Archaeolink Prehistory Park.  Archaeolink was an award winning educational and tourist facility which allowed visitors to step back in time to the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the times of Mons Graupius and the Roman Invasion of Aberdeenshire.

When Archaeolink closed in 2010, Pauline and three other living history friends became The Rhynie Wifies – a living history group who have appeared at Castles Fraser and Drum (NTS) as well as Skara Brae and Fort George’s “Celebration of The Centuries” (Historic Scotland) as well as many other venues.

With the closing of Archaeolink, there has been little opportunities for schools in the North East of Scotland to experience first hand a lift in the past.  Now Hearth History will visit your school, museum or other venue with hands on skills and crafts.  Please follow the links to find out how Hearth can fire your imagination!

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