Party FAQ

Fizzy’s Frequently Asked Questions

As well as being an FAQ, this is the official bit with all the legal stuff – before booking a party with me, I’ll ask you to read it through.  By booking a party with me, or booking me for any events, you are agreeing with the statements on this page.
Please note that this page is not yet complete as of 16/12/2015.  Full details to follow.

I have £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance which covers storytelling, crafts, party games and face painting/glitter tattoos/scary scars and a basic disclosure.  Parents should be present during the party for children under 5.  Over the age of 5, there should be  at least 1 adult per 5 children present.  At no time should I be left in sole charge of the children at the party (that would just be asking for chaos!)


Risk assessments are available on request.

Where can the parties take place?

Fizzy and I will travel to wherever you wish your party to be held – whether that be at your home or in a different venue.  Those booking the parties are responsible for booking the venue.

Community centres and church halls are often a good option if you’d like space for the children to run around and usually have tea/coffee making facilities for the grown ups.  Some may also allow you to heat food on the premises.

Parties held outside have great potential for different games and crafts – however plese ensure that you have an alternate indoors location for your event.  I cannot offer refunds for inclement weather.

Travel over 25 miles from the centre of Aberdeen may incur an extra cost.
You mentioned food?

Yes, if you wish, I can factor in approximately half an hour for the party food and cake cutting at the end of the party.  You will organise any food/drinks and cake at the party.

When can you do parties?

Typically morning and afternoons during the weekend and after school – there may be some times when I am already booked or away travelling to festivals, in which case I will do my best to accomodate you.
So how long will the party take?

It’s up to you – it depends on the age of the children present and your time schedule.  A standard party will be 2 hours long (including a break for party food).  We’ll start off with approximately 20 minutes of storytelling and this will be followed by some party games for 20 minutes to half an hour.  The children can then take part in one craft each – I can have a choice of two crafts depending on what you want.  We can then have a break for food and sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child.  If desired, the child can be presented with a “Fairy Naming Certificate.”   At an extra cost, I can make a customised fairy crown/garland based on the birthday fairy’s favourite colours and flowers.  Facepainting or glitter tattoos can be done when the children are arriving prior to the start of the storytelling or at the end if they finish eating early.  Timings and party contents are very flexible.

It sounds like these parties are just for girls!?

Not at all!  As a mum, I understand how entertaining everyone at mixed parties can be a problem – as such, the fairy/wizard/elf/pirate themes can be mixed with appropriate crafts.  Above all, the parties will be very flexible and will cater to your child and your needs.
OK – so what ages do you cover?

Fizzy’s Fairy Parties in the format described above will cover children aged 5 – 10.

However for littler ones Fizzy and I can offer a more interactive party with more stories, songs, musical instruments, and games.

If requested for younger ones, facepainting is available for over 3s and glitter tattoos are available for those over 2 1/2 years old.  If your child feels left out, I can do a small design (face paints) on the back of their hand to ensure they feel part of the party!  Please read the page on “Faces” before considering this for your younger ones.

I’ve got a great idea for a themed party!

Great!  Bring it on 😀  I have been telling stories professionally for 15 years and love the challenge of a new “theme” – I will need time to prepare, however, so please book as far in advance as possible.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes.  Please see “Prices” for details.

What do you need from me?