Party Themes

Are you looking for something different for your child’s birthday party?  Here are the themes we currently cover.  Or perhaps there is a theme you’ve been considering and need someone to bring it to life?  We enjoy trying out new themes so what are you waiting for?  Contact us now to book your Funtastic Party!

FIZZY’S FUNTASTIC FAIRY PARTIES!13517416_10154299656456212_5619420946282080321_o
Thistle and Fizzy the fairies will arrive in costume at your venue to entertain the children for 2 hours (time slot flexible).  Thistle and Fizzy will greet the birthday boy or girl before the party begins and as the children arrive for the party, they can join Fizzy and Thistle for some interactive storytelling. No books – just done the traditional way!

Then it’s time for a few games!
Mythical Monsters, Magic School, Fairy Islands, Dragon’s Treasure , Gather the Leprechaun’s Gold – the choice is up to you!  Winners will receive certificates and a wee bag of sweeties as a prize.

After the games, the guests can settle down to a craft.  In the past we’ve made Fairy Doors, we’ve decorated fairy wings*, created Elf or Wizard hats and decorated our own wands!
Crafts are great fun and can be very messy!  Lots of glue and glitter will be involved 🙂

We’ll then break for party food (provided by yourselves) and as the children finish their food, it’s time for face painting and glitter tattoos!  Please note that if it is a busy party, face painting will not be suitable due to time constraints – hence glitter tattoos are advised.

At no extra cost, the birthday girl or boy can have a fairy/elf/wizard naming ceremony with certificate at the end of the party and there’s also the option of having a fairy crown created especially for fairy princesses from flowers and colours of their choice (for which there will be an added cost).


An example of the fairy headdresses available at an extra cost for your birthday girl (Fizzy and I will make them for you adults too, because why should the kids have all the fun!?)


Professor Elinora Kittlesen of the Wizarding Academy will take your young witches and wizards in hand and they will have a magical time!!  Her snowy owl, Nobella, will accompany her and is perfect for entertaining any younger brothers and sisters who may be at the party.

img_5309aFirst of all, we’ll start off with an ancient tale of a mean wizard who learned to be kind and then it’s time for some games!

Children enrolling in the Wizarding Academy will have lessons in “Care of Magical Creatures” and will be put through their paces in “Magic School”
As an extra activity (one which is highly recommended), students can then enjoy some broom training! Prof Kittlesen may not look like it now, but back in her student days she was a member of the ?Black Widows Scottish Aerial Broom Display Team and so is the perfect teacher to demonstrate broom etiquette, lift of and landing, elementary flying, basic manoeuvring and of course the very important Emergency Landing.  We can provide music for the broom training section of the party.

Then it’s time for the guests to take on a craft!  They’ll each be given a wand to decorate – which can be personalised in advance if names can be provided wandsahead of the party.  Any young witches and wizards can decorate their own hats instead as we find that the littlest ones should not yet be trusted with pointy things like wands!  Lots of glue, glitter, sparkly shapes and shiney things will be available for the guests to make a magical mess!

dsc_30962Students will then be presented with their graduation certificate and it’ll be time for the birthday food!  As they finish, magical glitter tattoos will be available.  Face painting can be done as an alternative, but please note that party with face painting may take extra time which incurs an additional charge.


STAR WARS!bebo-sant-2

Fuzzy Crumb, the ancient Jedi Master and his good friend Bebo Sant (Jedi and member of the Rebel Alliance) have sensed a disturbance in the force!  A new generation of Jedi guests can be invited to enjoy Star Wars themed stories, games, crafts and glitter tattoos/face painting.

Games include “Carbonite Catastrophe,” “Fly The Falcon,” “Jedi School” and “Pin the Bun on Princess Leia.”

light-sabersThe young Padawans will then be invited to craft their own lightsaber.  Please note that the light sabers shown in the photograph are made from pool noodles and we may have problems getting hold of them out of the summer season.  We will endeavour to find these for your party at the time of booking or an alternative craft will be offered.

After their birthday food (provided by yourselves), there will be time left for Star Wars themed face painting or glitter tattoos.  (Again, glitter tattoos are faster to apply and might be the best option for a busy party!)

img_31181There have been reports of children exhibiting unusual powers in the Aberdeenshire area! Professor P. Sinclair will visit on behalf of the Scottish Superhero Academy to determine whether your wee heroes will be offered a place in the Academy on reaching the appropriate age!

Potential students will first of all hear of one of our world’s most famous superheros – Thor!  They’ll then be put through some fun challenges such as “Spidey’s Web,” “Sidekick Challenge” and the Scottish Superhero Academy img_31331Contest!” At the end of the final game, each child will receive a certificate for having “graduated” from the Academy.

As we all know, a superhero’s secret identity is very important – so guests will have the chance to make their own masks before heading off to refuel with some vital energy supplies.  (It has been observed that jelly, ice cream and cake are vital to the growth of our young superheros!)  Following that, Professor Sinclair will be on hand with face paints and superhero themed glitter tattoos to complete their transformation to Bona Fide Superhero Material!

12802971_1166982640009236_1471435039733312995_nPIRATE PARTIES

Mad Polly Rowiemuncher is the quartermistress of the Good Ship MinceanTatties which is currently harboured in the waters off the North East coast.  Join her and her wee mate Billy the Cabin Boy on a journey across the high seas!  Tales of rebellious ruffians, daring damsels and the worst pirate ever to hit the high seas will entertain your wee shipmates!  They’ll then get the chance to take part in a few swashbuckling pirate games!  Musical Islands, Port and 12920486_1591668557816161_3848183351982911930_nStarboard and not forgetting the old traditional game of Pin The Parrot On The Pirate will keep your bouncing buccaneers busy until it’s time for a craft!

Guest can decorate a treasure chest of their very own to take home and keep their booty in!  They’ll then have some time for grog and ship’s best biscuits (and maybe their jelly and ice cream!) before Polly Rowiemuncher paints them us as pirates, applies pirate themed glitter tattoos or perhaps even offers some gory scars!


We don’t just specialise in storytelling, face painting, games and crafts!  For the past 16 years, Pauline has been involved in living history and historical reenactment.  We can provide parties themed around the Stone Age, Iron Age, Celts vs Romans, Picts and Vikings as well as ancient Roman or Egyptian themes.

For example, a Celts and Romans arriving at your party will be painted like a Celtic Warrior before we start off with a story set in the Iron Age. This will be followed by Warrior School and some games.  We can provide historically accurate props for them to have a look at – including some items of clothing for dressing up for photos.  The young Celts and Romans can then make their own butter to spread on whatever is provided with the birthday feast!  (Although the Dads usually like to take this task on for themselves!)

ZOO PARTIES!20170107_153928

A new party theme for 2017!  Especially fun for your young animal fans.  Fizzy’s Zoo has many animals (puppets!)  which the children can meet and even have a go at operating themselves!
We’ll start off with an animal story before going on to play some animal games – We particularly like the variation of Musical Statues called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” – I’d like to say it’s a nice quiet game, but typically not!  After that they’ll get stuck into an animal-friendly craft which will be age appropriate before enjoying some of Fizzy’s Funtastic Facepainting!  Will they be a zebra?  A tiger?  A giraffe or a panda?  Glitter tattoos are also available.



Fancy a birthday party with a real scientist?  Pauline was a chemist for man13307211_1621939041455779_3134719318202223218_ny years before she decided that the one thing more fun than science was to bring science FUN to children of all ages! As a professional storyteller, Pauline has a wealth of science stories to choose from.  We can then get on with some games such as Planet Corners, Split the Atom and Pin the Goggles on the Scientist!
For our craft we can make Galaxy Slime – it’s yukky though and there’s always one child that gets covered in it!  So please make sure that parents know that their children are coming to a MESSY science party!
After they clean up and go for their party food, Pauline will get out her UV/Neon Face Paints and will do some amazing designs that will astound the party guests when they go into a darkened room with only a UV light switched on!  This has always been very successful, but needs a room which is as close to dark as possible.

In addition to the themes covered here, we have also provided Beano, Frozen, Minion, Polar Explorer, Science and Viking themed parties for our happy customers.  And don’t forget that other crafts are available on request such as garland making (for Christmas), lanterns (for Halloween), slime, Trolls (Frozen themed craft). Please contact us to see what we can offer you

*some crafts may occur an additional cost.