FAQ- Storytelling


Pauline and Boar-ish Buddy, Mr Pickles!

If you’re looking for a storyteller, you’ve come to the right place!

I am available to tell stories at festivals, schools, care homes, special needs centres, birthday parties or any other events throughout the year on a number of topics (See “Themes”).  Depending on the subject matter, I can also bring crafts, artifacts, music and a costume to suit.  If you don’t see your topic mentioned on the “themes” page, please contact me – I’m always eager to hunt for and learn new stories!  If you would like a particular story, however,  some source material and a period of 4 weeks to bring the story up to performing standard may be required.

I am registered on the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s Directory and hold a Basic Disclosure Certificate which is currently being updated to a PVG.  A Risk Assessment for storytelling activities can be provided.

To hire me for your storytelling event please contact me:

Email: paulinecordiner@gmail.com
Mobile: 07986 511355
Home: 01224 321610
or through my Facebook Page

Basic rates and advice for booking a storyteller can be found below.

Booking RatesThe Scottish Storytelling Centre have been reviewing their recommended basic storytelling rates as follows:

Single session – £100 This is a brand new rate designed to accommodate those who feel too high a fee would deter potential bookers. It covers one session for a maximum duration of 1h and it allows for flexibility for those bookers with only one group (or schools with only one class interested in storytelling) who would find the £120 fee too high.

Half-day session – £150 This normally comprises two tellings for a maximum total duration of 2h, including breaks.

Full-day session – £250 This normally comprises four tellings for a maximum total duration of 4h, including breaks.

Travel costs are charged at 40p per mile or cost of public transport. Where events and projects require a period of research, preparation and attendance at meetings there may be additional costs.

Please note that if your event is for charity or you feel you can’t afford these rates then I am most willing to discuss the fee.

Booking Advice

Seating arrangements and comfort – For most storytelling sessions, I just need a chair to ensure my head is above that of the audience.  Children are usually quite happy to sit on the floor, however when the session is outside or there is a hard surface underneath, rugs, blankets and cushions are ideal.  Please ensure that for family sessions there are seats for adults, parents and grandparents – children will often be led away from stories that they are enjoying because the adults are not comfortable.  The best seating arrangement is a semi circle but I can usually help with that on arrival.

Larger Events – noise is often the main problem at many events – and small events too! (Yes, teachers yapping at the back of the classroom, this means you!)  Please ensure that any storytelling sessions are held in a quiet area away from any competing noise (although low background noise is usually acceptable) – yet not too far from the heart of the event that your public aren’t passing by the area.  Fumes from generators can also be a problem – they are not good for your audience or for your storyteller’s vocal chords!

Timing – if the storyteller is hired for a birthday party for example, it is best for them to be timetabled early on in the procedures and before food and cake.  Anyone that knows me will tell you I love fizzy drinks and sweeties – but it can be very hard for little ones to get the most out of a storytelling session when they’re full of sugary excitement!
If the storyteller is just one of the “turns” involved in the event, please ensure they have enough time to tell a story completely.  Some stories can be told in 5 minutes, but 15 – 20 minute slots may be required to do justice to a story.  Your storyteller will be able to advise you ahead of the event.

Weather– Outdoor events are wonderful!  I endeavour to always come dressed for the weather (thermal leggings are a wonderful thing).  However, your audience may not have dressed appropriately, so it may be a good idea to have an indoor location for the storytelling as a back-up.

Planning – (From the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s Web Site:)
How many people are you expecting to attend?  What is the age range of the audience? If you want a session aimed at children, bear in mind that for the age range 3-16 mixed audiences are not likely to work very well. The stories that engage and interest a 5 years old and a 14 years old are very different!

Make sure the storyteller is aware of any particular arrangements regarding travelling to the venue (parking places, accessibility…) it might be useful to arrange a map of the area for the storyteller in case of venues particularly difficult to find or reach.

Arranging hospitality – ensuring that the storyteller has access to a toilet, tea/coffee/lunch etc.

Providing a glass of water for during the session

In case of events with children or vulnerable adults, ensure that a responsible adult is with the group at all times. Storytellers should never be left with a supervisory responsibility for such groups.

If the session is in a school, the class teacher should be present and participate in the session. Participation and observation are vital for follow-up work.

Finally – allow yourself some time to enjoy the storytelling – the stories are for you as well!