Hallowe’en is always a busy (and fun!) time of year for storytellers – however with a 6 year old daughter who we didn’t want to take out of school, we chose to take our long awaited holiday during the Tattie Holidays this year, meaning we arrived back home in Aberdeen at mid day on Hallowe’en!  (Dressed as skeletons for the whole journey I might add!)

We didn’t want to miss out on anything though, so did what we have been doing for the past 3 years – before any Hallowe’en bookings I set up my wee fire on my driveway and tell stories to the local kids who are guising!  (Most of them know me from school and it’s a chance to tell spooky stories I wouldn’t normally be telling within a class setting!)

I love Hallowe’en!


2018 Aberdeen Storytelling Festival

Fair puggled after organising the 2018 Aberdeen Storytelling Festival with our fantastic committee at the The Grampian Association of Storytellers – GAS! Lots of events in community groups, care homes, adult storytelling and of course our 3 free events for children in the Central Library on Saturday
No rest for the wicked either! On Friday I’m off to the Cullerlie Singing Weekend at Echt and then it’s a bit further afield the week after that as Fizzy and I will be off to the Cambridge Folk Festival to perform there with our friends! 

Storytelling and Face Painting at Quarryhill Nursery

Timrous the moosie and Pauline were at Quarryhill nursery today telling stories and painting faces for the afternoon and morning nurseries!
Now we’ll let you in to a secret! Pauline went to Quarryhill before she became a storyteller/fairy/wizard and got a tour at lunchtime to see how the place has changed  it brought back a few fantastic memories 1 quarryhill

The 30th Stonehaven Folk Festival 2018

Stonehaven’s 30th Folk Festival! All set to be their Storyteller In Residence 

Drop in for free storytelling!
12 to 12.30 Saturday Beach Pavilion family session
1 to 2.15 pm Saturday St Bridget’s Hall Family Show and Bairn’s session
9 to 10.15pm Saturday 65 Club Storytelling for Adults
12.45 to 1.45pm Sunday Rec Club Family Storytelling and songs (workshop)

And heaps going on all over Stonehaven all weekend!!36773789_1260744717392901_2570786742701391872_n

The Garthdee Fairies by Kaimhill Storytelling Club

The Garthdee Fairies! 😈👿🧚‍♂️🧙‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️🧚‍♀️ by the Kaimhill Storytelling Club

So, some of you might know that I have the total privilege of working as a Storyteller at Kaimhill Primary School in Aberdeen. Well back in February I started up a wee storytelling club which grew to 16 members after the Easter Holidays! The storytelling club has been working on this story with me and I’m TOTALLY excited to finally share this with the public!
They came up with the plot themselves based on the Battle of Two Mile Cross and a couple of traditional Scottish folk tales I told them. They helped me with the bullet points, the details, some of the text and dialogue and I put it into 15 sections for them all to read. They then edited it to make the language more like their own. We recorded it in one go! They drew the evil fairies and posed for the photos. By the end of the term I had put the video and the subtitles together so they could watch it in the last week. We hope you enjoy it! 😀

Enjoy Music Festival 2018

That’s Fizzy the Fairy and myself all set for storytelling tomorrow at Enjoy Music Festival where we’re sharing our tent with our friends from Divine Magic. 60 % of the kids entertainment is FREE with your ticket so come join us!Enjoy Music

Shadow Puppets at Kaimhill School

So I might have mentioned that I am lucky enough to work at our local primary school, Kaimhill.  As well as regular storytelling sessions with the P3s and P4s this term, I’ve been working with Mr Skinley’s Primary 6 class on creation stories.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on designing and making shadow puppets – complete with movement!