Storytelling at Gordon Castle Highland Games

Some photos from Gordon Castle Highland Games & Country Fair at the weekend. Thanks so much to the Games for having Fizzy the Fairy and myself along and of course thanks to Leah from Moray’s Got Talent who introduced me and had me up on the Talent Stage having so much fun with Fizzy!

Thanks to Katy, Graham, Leah and Molly for the photos, Nick for the loan of the tent, the wonderful wonderful Face Painters (whose card I can’t find just now but when I have it I’ll tag them) who painted my Wee Imp’s face and who soldiered on late into the day to do wonderful glitter tattoos, face paint and airbrushed faces for everyone!

Oh and more thanks of course our wonderful camping friends who were the best I’ve ever seen at tent packing! 😃 (And equipment humping! 😃 )

I’m sure there’s more… but I’ll add it later when I remember, hehe 😃

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