Soutar Festival of Words

Fizzy and Fuzzy the Fairies with Pauline at North Inch Library

Well what a great event that was! On Saturday I travelled down to beautiful Perth and the sun shone the whole way – I had a super audience of children and their adults at North Inch Community Library and told the children some of my favourite Scottish stories which included some of my favourite Scots words!
(Bosies! Oxters! Furligorums! Heilstergowdy!)

Fizzy and Fuzzy the fairies were very popular of course and took home a beautiful picture drawn by one of the audience.

Afterwards I took them for a walk up Kinnoull Hill. For most of my life I have stared up at the tower from the A92… Wondering why it was in such a distant lonely place, who lived in it – a lonesome princess perhaps? Well finally I had time to pech up the hill to see for myself before heading back home to Aberdeen. What a beautiful view! Of course when I got there I learned there was an easier route… but isn’t that always the case!?

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