Storytelling at Turra Library

Yesterday was a day of Unexpected Heroes with two storytelling sessions at Turriff Library. My Wee Imp and I were fair taen wi this intriguing painting of “Letter Jean” who looks right like a photo I have of my great great grandmother. I bet there’s an interesting story there!

Pauline and her daughter with a photo of the painting “Letter Jean”

It was really nice to be given some feedback by those attending the session (remember folks – feedback means funding!)

I really liked boath storys”
“Storytelling was very good, thankyou”
“So engaging – fantastic storyteller. Thoroughly enjoyed it”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling. Thank you!”
“Very enjoyable.  Great storytelling and expression and tales we have not heard before. Would come again. Would like to learn about story writing too. Thank you.”
“We really enjoyed Storytelling with Pauline Cordiner and would love to hear more.  Thank you for 2 new stories we get to share”
“I really liked the storys I can’t wait for next time”
“Thankyou for telling a story. I liked the first one.”
*Picture of a smiley face*
“Thank you so much for the brilliant storytelling. I enjoyed the farting story the best.  More storys @Turriff please!”
“I loved the storrys. I’ve never heard the one about the old lady and the Vikings. (smiley face)”
“My daughter really enjoyed the stories, which she had not heard before. Would definitely take her back and recommend to family and friends”
“Fantastic stories, daughter really enjoyed it.  Would come again of course. Loved the comedic aspect of stories with real meanings & doesn’t shy away from death.” 

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