Norwood Hall

Apollo the cat. (Not a beast)

I had a great audience last night at Norwood Hall Hotel where I was asked to come along and tell some ghost stories to RGU and Penna staff at a corporate evening event.

The Norwood is well known to be haunted by one of its previous owners (“Soapy” Ogston), his wife and his lover… but I also told them about the “Beast of the Clash.”

The Beast was a vicious great black cat who was the familiar of one of the Menzies Lairds, reputed to dabble in the Black Arts. (The Menzies lived at Pitfodels Castle the motte of which is just to the north of the present day Norwood Hall). One night the Beast took umbrage at its treatment at the hands of the Laird and pounced on him from up on high, knocking him off his horse and ripping out his throat with its teeth. The next morning the laird’s lifeless body was found floating in boggy ground and the Beast was never seen again… except that its ghost might still roam the area, now the part of Aberdeen known as Garthdee!

The photo is not of the Beast, but is of another Cat of Garthdee. This is our new family member, Apollo, who some day may have the potential to maul me for not treating him like the God he knows he is. For now, he likes sitting in the bath and hunting our toes in the middle of the night. Truly another beast in the making 😛

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