Spectra 2022

Pauline Cordiner and Lindsey Gibb performing at Spectra 2022

Well that’s Spectra 2022 over for another year – and what an amazing festival it was! This year I was joined by my wonderful storytelling friend, Lindsey Gibb and we shared stories with an audience of over 800 over 4 evenings of the festival. Oh and we had a huge amount of fun too – I don’t know if Lindsey has forgiven Fizzy the Fairy for her impromptu beat-boxing, but many laughs were had and each and every audience was an absolute pleasure!

It was great to be back telling stories to a festival audience again and indoors too! (Well, this is Aberdeen in February!) We managed to see some of the exhibits which this year were fewer but GRANDER – just huge! And perfect for a country inching its way out of Covid restrictions.

I can’t wait to see what Spectra 2023 has in store for us!

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