New Year, New Projects!

That’s me back to it after the New Year and I am strutting around like these Medieval Beasties – the reason being that it’s time to start working on a few new projects for 2022!

It is Scotland’s Year of Stories and I just love a bit of research.
So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to be researching
– The Book of Deer which is coming home to the North East for a visit after a millennium – it has been at Cambridge University since 1715 and may have been stolen from the North East during the Scottish Wars of Independence. I’m looking forward to telling stories with the Book of Deer Project at Aden Country Park.
– Crime stories for bairns at Granite Noire, Aberdeen’s Crime Writing Festival
– Aberdeen’s Festival of Light, SPECTRA which returns just in time for my birthday!

Oh yes and there will be a fair amount of fisher folk stuff, Medieval stuff, Pictish stuff, Viking stuff and I’m really hoping we’ll get away for our usual festivals this summer.

Plenty of reasons to strut about like a Book of Deer Beastie! 😀

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