Halloween 2021!

Well ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, loons and quines and abdy else… That’s Halloween over for another year. 14 events with stories for families, adults, special needs groups, Girl Guides and quite frankly I think there were a few of the undead in the audiences as well!

Yesterday (the big day itself) I started off telling stories at two sessions at Alford Ski Centre for Aberdeenshire Libraries – well done to everyone who made it despite the torrential rain!

Then it was off to Friends of Westfield Park who set up some amazing decorations for the two Halloween storytelling sessions in the afternoon! We were originally supposed to be out in the spooky woods but unfortunately the rain was lashing down – luckily we were in the Scout hall so the wonderful audience and myself were dry 😃Some of the costumes I saw were amazing and extra bonus points to the three girls who told me about some of the old folktales they knew! 👻💀🎃

Finally in the evening I had a wonderful time as guest storyteller at the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s Good Crack Club Halloween event. (Getting to listen to stories at Halloween is my favourite thing… next to telling them I suppose!)

Here are some photos 🙂

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