World Storytelling Cafe

The wonderful John Row who has had me along to tell stories at Glastonbury in the Kids Field, Cambridge Folk Festival and Strumpshaw Tree Fair recently called to tell me all about this new venture he’s involved in… the World Storytelling Cafe

Physically, the World Storytelling Cafe is being built in Marrakech and is to be a centre of storytelling which will facilitate young apprentice storytellers in the storytelling

world storytelling cafe

traditions of Morocco.  However since the exceptional circumstances caused by Coronavirus and Covid19, modern technology, and the very hard working tech wizards behind the project has taken the World Storytelling Cafe in a different direction and storytellers all over the world have been recording sessions or posting them live on the site.  I am delighted to have been the second to have performed, after a couple of amazing sets from John Row!

These stories are widely available for all to view, then they “pass-the-hat” in time honoured fashion so that those who can afford to have an opportunity to show their appreciation.  100% of monies popped in to the storytellers hat go directly to the storyteller.

So come along and enjoy a few storytelling sessions!  The group of storytellers is growing.  So there is a lot out there to choose from.

Here is the link to my first session – I hope you enjoy it!

pauline cordiner

Pauline x



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