Stories of Science at Strathearn Science Festival

So this weekend I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful wee hissing cockroach as well as the wonderful ladies of Animates who are based in the North East.  No cockroaches featured in any of the stories but Raven, Orion, Scorpio, The Milky Way, Pele the Volcano Goddess, Duban the Sage, the Rainbow Crow, Archimedes, Piltdown Man, Tiddilik the Frog and of course  Roald Dahl’s disgusting armchair beer all got a mention!

My set of stories about science is available for any science festival, exhibition, school, or even birthday parties!  Prior to my life as a party organiser, I worked as an environmental and analytical chemical in the North East oil industry and I love anything that connects science and the arts!

Have a look at the “contacts” page to find out how to make a booking.

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