Strathearn Science Festival

I’m all set for telling stories at tomorrow’s Science Festival at Strathearn in Crieff!  I’m super excited to be telling stories of volcanoes, the sun, moon and stars, medicine, evolution and weather along with a couple of tales of famous scientists and famous hoaxes!

“Have you ever wondered what the world was like when we didn’t know so much?  Why were the stars in the sky and who made it rain?  Why did the up stay up and the down stay down?  Why did the owl not sleep at night and why did the frog always live near water?  Why did we have night and day, winter and summer?
Stories have been passed down for thousands of years that explain the world around us and as we learned more over the centuries, they were still told alongside new discoveries in astronomy, zoology, physics, biology, weather and chemistry, maths and geology.
“Join storyteller and scientist Pauline Cordiner for a fun look through some of these tales and the experiences of famous scientists – with a few famous hoaxes thrown in for good measure!  Suitable for ages 3 to 103!

“Booking is required: Show times are 10:30; 11:30; 13:30 and 14:30 – Saturday only”

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