2012 Events

Pauline storytelling in the Wee Wizards tent at Wizard Festival 2011 (Thanks to Bill Irvine for the photo)

Events Archive 2012:

Well 2012 was a quieter year for me, but by no means a year off!  My partner and I were proud to announce the birth of our first child, Molly Ivy Cordiner Cole on the 30th June 2012.
This meant much excitement to have a little one of my own to tell stories to, but it did also mean that, regretfully, I had to give up my roles as treasurer and committee member of the Grampian Assocation of Storytellers, but with any luck I will  still be able to attend and help out with many of their events and workshops.

Here’s a few events I told stories at in 2012!

Anna Fancett and I performed on the evening of Friday 2nd March at 2012’s Intervarsity Folk Dance Festival  which was held this year in Aberdeen. We then did a beginners storytelling workshop the next morning at 9am.  Despite all the dance workshops available, we still had a packed room full of those wanting to try out storytelling for the first time.

What started off as a simple request for a couple of storytelling sessions at Banff Castle’s Beltane Bash turned in to a little more after I announced I would be 8 months pregnant the weekend of the event!
Along with my younger sister The Maiden (Catriona of our living history group, the Rhynie Wifies) and my older sister, The Crone (Lesley of The Historic Saltire Society) I did a serious bit of character acting as the heavily pregnant Mother and then settled down for some seasonal Beltane Stories in the newly opened Kelpie Cafe which is part of the Arts and Folklore Centre. (Click on the thumbnail for a photo of us all.  Thanks to Ben Haslam for the photo!)

I was definitely supposed to be having a rest by this point but figured that one last storytelling session before the birth wouldn’t cause any harm!  This year’s Banchory St Ternan fair had a bit of a royal theme going with the Queen’s jubilee being just around the corner, so The Rhynie Wifies and I fitted in some themed crafts and stories at the Banchory Library and Museum.

In September, The Rhynie Wifies and their newest member (Tiny Rhynie, Molly – aged 11 weeks) made the trip to Skara Brae in Orkney for a weekend of living history.  We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in the Neolithic and would like to thank the staff and visitors to the Skara Brae visitors centre for making us feel so welcome. The Rhynie Wifies offer a living history experience from the stone, bronze and iron ages as well as various crafts, cooking and, of course storytelling to different themes.  See contact page for details.

We also took over Castle Fraser on the evening of Saturday 27th October for three sold out adult-only ghost tours of the Castle.  I had the privilege of being one of the two tour guides, telling some of the castle’s ghost stories and meeting some pretty sinister characters along the way!
On the Sunday, I told ghost stories to children of all ages and adults in the library from 12 – 4.

On Sunday 25th November I told stories at Busy Beasties Christmas Shopping Event which was held at the old Dobbies Garden Centre, Hazledene Road, Aberdeen.  The event raised money for Kayleighs Wee Stars, a charity which aims to support families with a terminally ill child.


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