The Jubilee Weekend!

Well what a wonderfully busy weekend that has been! For those of you outside the UK, it has been the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (70 years on the throne) so on Saturday I was storytelling and glittering girls at the Guiding Jubilee Jambouree out at Crathes Castle. There were Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Leaders, Volunteers, Trefoil Guild and SO much entertainment it’d take ages to list it all here! (My own wee Brownie was attending and had an amazing time and fell asleep very tired and happy when we got home!)

Then on Sunday I was delighted to be back at my own Guiding stomping ground and neighbourhood Kirk, Cragiebuckler Church who had an amazing community picnic with storytelling, piping, highland dancing, school choir, crafts, and again so many other things I’d take ages to list.

Both days had beautiful weather and although my outfit relied on my peely wally white Scottish skin as part of my red, white and blue… it was soon rather pink with the sun! 😃

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