The Fisherfolk Festival at Ballintore

Well that’s me and my Wee Imp and The Rhynie Wifies returned from the Fisherfolk Festival at the Seaboard Villages!

I had such a wonderful time it’s hard to know where to start! Suffice to say I didn’t really get any photos taken until it was almost all over and Wee Imp took some at the Sunday evening event in the old Nigg kirk. Somewhere there may be photos of me telling tales to pupils of Hilton of Cadboll Primary School on the Friday morning… telling the tale of Kittie fae Fittie at the concert in the Seaboard Centre on the Friday evening… (with Ewan McVicar, Aileen Carr and Carrie Afrin)… dressed as a Pict and telling Pictish tales with Bob Pegg on the Saturday – but you won’t find them here!

Suffice to say I had a marvellous time and might be rather tired today now that we’re back home!

In the meantime, here’s some photies 😃

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