Medieval Scottish Tales at Leslie Castle

A few photos from my visit to Leslie Castle last night with Fizzy the Fairy. What an amazingly beautifully restored medieval fortification with wonderfully friendly staff who told me a bit of the history of the place! (And the supper smelled amazing too!)

The occasion was the birthday of a Leslie gent from London who had come to stay with his family and I had a wonderful audience of 3 generations to hear stories of medieval heroes, fearsome boars, traitorous blacksmiths and fearless fairies! I was also dressed in medieval clothing from the time the castle was first built.

Fizzy the Fairy already has plans of booking the whole castle (which is a guest house) for her 366th birthday next year and inviting a whole bunch of her mates for some chaotic fairy shenanigans. However as at least one of the staff heard the tale of why you shouldn’t invite fairies in to your home, I’m not sure how successful Fizzy’s plans will be 😛

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