Some Historical Costumes

My Wee Imp and I had a wonderful weekend at the Historic Saltire training weekend and I had the help of some amazing people to get these photos taken to show my Pictish, Viking and Medieval clothing which I can wear for storytelling sessions (in addition to Fish Wife, Pirate, Fairy, Witch etc etc!)

Thanks Carolyn for Peplum tucking and photographic expertise, Beatrice for Viking pinning/advice and Leslie for Medieval outfitting and wimple instructing! 😃

Iron Age/Pictish clothing – that dress-like thing is called a peplum. It is basically a (gigantic) tube of cloth pinned at the shoulders by fibula style brooches (which you can’t see in this photo). It is a LOT of material – showing how posh I am. You can also tell I’m posh by my massive bronze torc and amber beads. It is a big improvement on my previous dress tunic and breeks. I have gone up in the world.

Viking clothing. This time I’m wearing a Hangerok. It was based on the old Viking kit at Archaeolink which was possibly incorrect interpretation of finds – so it will have more of an apron dress look by the time I’m finished with it. You won’t see so much of the white under-dress. The brooches attached to the front are called tortoise brooches and the beads are mainly glass – rather posh too!

And finally the Medieval Costume – most of which I have on loan from Historic Saltire, but I’ve already made my undershift from linen and got hold of some posh shoes. Next I’ll be making my cote (the blue dress in this image) from some nice olive green linen) and a surcote (which is the brown sleeveless overdress in the photo). Leslie is also helping me to come up with an alternative to the wimple which might be better at holding back my voluminous un-authentic hair!

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