Scary Fairy Stories

Here’s a link to “Scary Fairy Stories” – a 2 hour storytelling event on Friday evening (6 to 8pm) as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival!

“Join storyteller Pauline Cordiner to find out why Fairies are amongst the scariest creatures in Scotland! Irritating imps, plagues of pixies, killer kelpies, tragic tarrans, hot-headed heroines and much more. There will also be a Scary Fairy Lantern Competition judged on the night. So get yourself all dressed up and sit in the candle-light for an evening of Halloween tales for all the family!

As we go deeper into the evening, the stories will get scarier. Pauline will begin with stories best for the wee ones before we all decide the best Scary Fairy Lantern – after which Pauline will give us scarier stories best suited for older children and adults

“Free online event | Contact:

Pauline tries hard not to be such a Scary fairy – with Imp companion

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