The Scottish International Storytelling Festival

It’s never too early to start planning for Hallowe’en!

I’m particularly looking forward to a couple of events coming up as part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Scottish International Storytelling Festival Logo

On the 26th October I’ll be joining Grace Banks, Sheena Blackhall, Diana Peers and Jackie Ross for some Spooky an Sinister Tales fae the North East!

And on the 29th October I’ll be doing some Scary Fairy stories for children and families from the Mearns. find out why Fairies are amongst the scariest creatures in Scotland! Irritating imps, plagues of pixies, killer kelpies, tragic tarrans, hot-headed heroines and much more!

#SISFImagine, #Storytelling, #Fairies, #ScaryFairies, #Halloween

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