The wonderful Sheena Blackhall and I have made some videos for teaching Scots/Doric in schools or as part of projects on Scotland.

We did this as our “good deed” after doing some stories for the Scottish Storytelling Centre during their festival this year.

There are three videos which are FREE RESOURCES which can be accessed by teachers (and home schoolers) around the globe

One for Nursery to Primary 2 –|
One for Primary 2 to Primary 4 –
One for Primary 5 to Primary 7 –

They are all rowed up thegither here –

I was going to wait until the new term to launch them – however as the term times have changed due to Covid, I thought teachers might appreciate being made aware of them now as they’ll be thinking about planning for the home schooling in the new term.

Pauline and Sheena 🙂 x

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