Storytelling at Insch Primary School

Whit a grand day I hid yesterday at Insch Primary! 
I told stories to two assemblies – what great kids! They were all so enthusiastic 

The P1 – P3 children heard about a wee boy who became king even though he thought he had failed – one of my favourite stories that promotes resilience, bravery, honesty and hard work.
Then the P4 – P7s got my current favourite story, Tatterhood! She’s very much my hero at the moment. Anything with trolls is good though 


Tatterhood – my current favourite!  by

Later on in the afternoon the school emailed me a list of questions from the children which I’m looking forward to answering today

How do you memorise the stories?
What inspired you to be a storyteller?
When did you start storytelling?
How many stories can you remember?
Which story is your favourite?
Why did you want to be a story teller?
Why do you like telling stories?
Why did you choose those particular stories?
How old were you when you started storytelling?
Who is your favourite character in the 1st story you told?

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