An Evening of Stories with Tony Robertson, Family and Friends

Weel it’s been a grand wik for tellin stories!

On Wednesday night I was privileged to join friends and fellow storytellers at an event at the Elphinstone Institute celebrating the stories of Stanley Robertson who passed away 10 years ago.  Stanley, his stories and his songs have been a huge influence to me and many others and it was jist braw to settle back and listen to some of the best.

The Elphinstone Institute said
What a wonderful evening of stories in honour of Stanley Robertson! Many thanks to his son, Anthony Robertson, for compering the evening and inviting family and friends.

The all-star storytellers included Jackie Ross, Grace Banks, Bob Knight, Fiona-Jane Brown, Pauline CordinerSheena Blackhall, Nicole Robertson, and Tony himself!

Thanks for the creepy tales, the funny tales, the romantic tales, the weird tales, and the classic tales! It was great to see the deep influence that Stanley has had on so many storytellers.

Hae a look at aa the photies here –

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