Geocaching – Aberdeenshire UK Mega 2019

This week is the Aberdeenshire UK Mega 2019, the biggest annual Geocaching event in the UK. I’ve been caching for years and we’re enjoying the new Adventure Caches at the Duthie Park. Didn’t realise I was the reward for completing one! 

This week I’ve been in charge of the kids club first thing in the morning, a storytelling set between 6 and 7pm each day, tour guiding with a group of 20 round some of the North East’s best castles and on the Tuesday myself and Natalie Chalmers stood in at the last minute for a poorly magician and did an hour of songs and stories on the stage in the big marquee.  Going to need a holiday once this is all over!67698785_1575494945917875_7099972632715460608_o

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