National Storytelling Week – a visit to Arduthie Primary School

So yesterday I was telling stories at Arduthie Primary School and Nursery! It’s currently National Storytelling Week so the bairns heard all about the ancient tradition of telling stories – don’t you just love the setting that the P6s made for me to tell stories in!? Look at the giant haggis on the stool next to the fire!

The children heard stories about Kelpies, wicked lairds, a beautiful wee moosie, a volcano goddess, how the moon came to be in the sky and how the devil was defeated by Jack!

P6 teacher Mandy Philip said “Thank you so much for a fantastic day of storytelling at Arduthie! The kids and teachers loved it and haven’t stopped speaking about it. Come back soon!! X”
– If I get the same wonderful greeting again, I’m bound to come back! 😀
Thanks Arduthie for being so AWESOME! 😀 xxx


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