Thankyou Tullos Primary!

Thankyou Tullos Primary School for the lovely cards and letters which I received after telling stories for Book Week Scotland.
I love receiving pictures and letters! Especially if I have instilled a healthy respect for Scottish fairies!  xx

National Storytelling Week

We’ve just had Book Week Scotland, but already schools, community groups and care homes are preparing for National Storytelling Week which runs from the 26th January to the 2nd February.
If you’d like to book Pauline to tell stories at your school, you can either message through this page or email 47093771_1938894912856440_9195282774645276672_o

Book Week Scotland at Tullos Primary School

I made a visit yesterday to Tullos Primary School for #BookWeekScotland!
I had a challenging (but fun!) list of class subjects to work on – picking out stories for “Gaming”, “Animation”, “Fame” and “”The Greatest Show” and had a fantastic time telling stories in their new library space!
Some imps turned up to help me tell one of Stanley Robertson’s stories, and we managed to save Mary from the Devil’s clutches. I love my job 😉


Hallowe’en is always a busy (and fun!) time of year for storytellers – however with a 6 year old daughter who we didn’t want to take out of school, we chose to take our long awaited holiday during the Tattie Holidays this year, meaning we arrived back home in Aberdeen at mid day on Hallowe’en!  (Dressed as skeletons for the whole journey I might add!)

We didn’t want to miss out on anything though, so did what we have been doing for the past 3 years – before any Hallowe’en bookings I set up my wee fire on my driveway and tell stories to the local kids who are guising!  (Most of them know me from school and it’s a chance to tell spooky stories I wouldn’t normally be telling within a class setting!)

I love Hallowe’en!